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August 03, 2007



Dear Joe,
Recently, I sat with my insurance man. He spent a great deal of time trying to convince me to increase my insurance policy so I could leave a "legacy". I explained to him that my legacy would not be measured by money but that my greatest hope is to pass on a picture of what a God filled life looks like. I know that I am a work in progress. Whenever I have tried to be something/someone on my own it has been very unfulfilling and has lacked intimacy. The picture God is trying to paint of me started with asking Jesus into my heart and everyday He does a little more work on me-He changes me to look more like Him. It is the greatest love you will ever know or feel. Joe, if you start with getting to know Jesus, you will find intimacy and a your legacy.

Joe Craveman

That's a very interesting story, Marta. Thanks for sharing it.

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