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August 10, 2007



Today's culture really has pulled us away from true intimacy. Its really sad. Fortunately, I myself have found some answers. It is not something you can just walk into and it is suddenly there, its something you have to persue.
Maybe you can find some answers by getting to know some of the people at church. I myself have found that some folks at Community Christian seem to have gotten it. I really enjoy going there. Community is more than just a name, maybe that can help you out.

Jon DeWitt

I pray that you enjoy your visit to Community Christian Church. One little "Hint" of advice. Please do not be intimidated by those around you. You may think that you and only you are the only one that "Doesn't get it". Know that EVERYONE there goes through the same struggles, burdens,questions as you! They've all come from different paths in their search for THE TRUTH of our Lord and Savior. So open up Craveman and follow your heart!
Blessings to you

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