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September 21, 2007


Sebastien Chabal

Long lost twin brother? See you at Rugby practice... http://www.lequipe.fr/Rugby/RugbyFicheJoueur848.html


talking to the intercom is a good first step, now try the guy behind the counter. Less likely to get hit by hungry motorists too.


i would hae to agree to your concerns in life mine are exactly the same: what is this why we wake up every day like robots and do the same shit every day only to grow older weeker and more dependant of people when what we are really looking for is independency and selfconfidence, or a child?, it so confusing and dificult to understand that the most amazing thing in life would be to become officially a robot and turn in my life to a little person who will eventually leave once im weak, old and cant see for myself because everything i had in life was given to that child .... ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? what is all this?

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